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ANITA O'DAY 1949-1950




Anita O'Day is a singer's singer

Highly rhythmic with a distinctive sense of phrasing

one of the first big band singers

to tackle the intricacies of bebop and prevail


Dave Barbour, George Barnes, Oscar Moore, Billy Mure (guitar)

Benny Lagasse (clarinet, alto saxophone)

Heine Beau, Manny Gershman, Al Klink, Hymie Schertzer (alto saxophone)

Babe Fresk, Bob Dukoff, Boomie Richman, Herbie Haymer, Art Drellinger (tenor saxophone)

Arthur Baker, Sol Schlinger (baritone saxophone)

Carl Poole, James Hanson, Doc Severinsen, Jon Carroll , Art Depew, Charlie Shavers (trumpet)

Phil Giardina, George Arus, Will Bradley, Cutty Cutshall (trombone)

Jack Pleis, Milt Raskin, Nat King Cole, Paul Jordan, Teddy Wilson (piano)

Buzzy Drootin, Abbey Brown, Frank Rullo, Zutty Singleton, Johnny Blowers (drums)

  • Jamaica Mon
  • Don't Kick It Around
  • So Much Of Nothing To Do
  • Poor Simple Simon
  • Blues For Bojangles
  • Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Heart
  • Something I Dreamed Last Night
  • Yea Boo
  • Tennessee Waltz
  • If I Could Steal You From Somebody Else
  • Black Moonlight
  • Once There Lived A Fool
  • I Apologize
  • You Took Advantage Of Me
  • Lovesick Blues